Changes Terra -> Avalanche

A big part of the brokkr community will still be familiar with the functionalities on Terra.
Instead of reading the whole docs again (DYOR), we provide you here with a change log of the most important changes:
Dynamic locking period for BRO
Dynamic unstaking period No upfront bBRO premium anymore Still rewards while unstaking, but reduced
Initially "normal" bonding
Initially only treasury bootstrap bonding
Liquidity pool on Astroport (AMM)
Liquidity pool on Trader Joe (AMM)
Infant Rust and Cosmwasm
Tap into the astounding Solidity ecosystem
In Rust it was rather complicated to interact with other contracts
In solidity it's super easy -> great for strategies
BRO on Terra
We airdrop all Terra_BRO that a user had in his wallet into his Avalanche wallet, and all staked Terra_BRO will also be staked on Avalanche
bBRO on Terra
We airdrop part of the Terra_bBRO that a user had into his Avalanche wallet.