Migration Terra -> Avalanche

Here we explain how we calculate how much we airdrop to users that used brokkr previously on Terra.

BRO migration calculation

BRO migration calculation is in a 1:1 ratio. This means for every 1 BRO on Terra at the time of the snapshot you'll receive 1 BRO on Avalanche.
The total BRO migration balance is calculated by adding up:
  • BRO held in Terra wallet
  • BRO staked on Brokkr
  • Pending BRO staking rewards (will be auto claimed and added to users migration balance)
  • Astroport Pool (the amount of BRO is based on the pool ratio at the time of snapshot)

bBRO migration calculation

bBRO migration is separated into two sections
  • Fully earned bBRO (migrated in a 1:1 ratio)
  • bBRO premium (migrated based on the formula below)
Full earned bBRO is the BRO that was earned by regular BRO staking rewards or by a locking period that has already expired.
bBRO premium is the bBRO that was earned by locking BRO but the locking period hasn't expired yet. Due to unfortunate events on Terra since the start of staking until the crash it was only a bit over a month with users being able to lock up to 2 years earning a substantial amount of bBRO as a upfront paid premium reward. To reduce the inflation we have decided to reduce the amount of premium bBRO to be migrated as loyal users can relock their tokens to once again earn a high premium if they wish to do so.
Formula for calculating bBRO premium migration: premium earned/sqrt(unstaking period) - premium earned
  • Those who locked for a longer period of time earned a higher premium Users who
  • Everyone was "forcefully" locked for the time of migration
Those who locked for a longer period of time after the calculation will still receive more than 900x bBRO premium if they locked for maximum of 2 years compared to locking for min of 1 day and more than 36x when comparing 2 year lock up vs 1 month lock up.
We want to reward those that are loyal to Brokkr and have followed us from Terra to Avalanche, if a user locks for a longer period of time (TBD) they will receive extra rewards.