Brokkr has two native tokens that are being used by Brotocol itself to manage incentives for users in a way that they are long term focused. The main token for Brokkr is BRO token but it is also supported by a non-transferable token called bBRO.


The goal of $BRO is to be the easiest way have access to DeFi investment strategies by simply staking the token. Each BRO token is backed by a certain percentage of the POC part of the treasury. As the Treasury is invested into different strategies the amount of assets backing each $BRO token should increase over time.
$BRO benefits from each interaction users have with the Brokkr protocol. It has multiple revenue streams that provide greater long-term stability and more support for the token. Source of Revenue for Brokkr:
  1. 1.
    Own Investments - Brokkr invests its own Owned Capital in Strategies to create an independent stream of revenue
  2. 2.
    Fees on Strategies - Each strategy will have a small fee
  3. 3.
    LP Fees - By having its own liquidity, Brokkr will gain some fees from each trade
All that value is captured and transferred to the $BRO token via Staking rewards and a continuously increasing $BRO Floor price. $BRO tokens will be initially minted and distributed according to the Token Emission sheet below. No more tokens will be minted.

$BRO Token Emission

IDO got reduced from 10% to 5% due to market and world conditions in April 2022.
Unlock Schedule
Rewards Pool
5 Years linear vesting Staking rewards & Bonding
Unlocked at IDO
Community Pool
On demand
Operational Reserve
1 year cliff 2 year linear vesting
Team & Advisors
1 year cliff 3 years linear vesting
Seed Round
6 months cliff 20 months linear vesting
Private Round
3 months cliff 20 months linear vesting


$bBRO is a helper token which is non-transferable and can be acquired by staking $BRO. Some functions of Brotocol can only be accessed through obtaining $bBRO, which incentivizes long term staking of the primary token $BRO. The amount of $bBRO a wallet holds determines how loyal a user was to Brotocol.
There is no max supply for $bBRO tokens.
The $bBRO token is used alongside $BRO to enable redeeming capital at a floor price. More use cases to be announced soon.

$BRO Floor Price

The Withdrawable Capital of the treasury is used to back the $BRO token and setting the floor price of the token. At any time holders of $BRO token can send their $BRO back to the rewards pool along with burning an equal amount of $bBRO to receive the Floor Price value from the Withdrawable Capital.
This feature won't be available in the Bootstrapping phase.