DCA Tool

DCA ... Dollar Cost Averaging. Invest your money regularly in equal parts over a certain period of time into a coin. No matter the markets!
Brokkrs DCA Tool is taking away the struggles of regularly buying and selling tokens for you! Via the fully non-custodial interface of Brokkr you can now open dollar cost averaging positions on Avalanche network.
Simply select the amount of $USDC that you want to invest, select the coin and the duration of the DCA and you are set up. After you invested your capital will be split up depending on the length of the investment period you selected and it will be invested on a weekly basis in the coin of your liking.

Hard Facts:

  • Supported Chains: Avalanche
  • Supported Base Coins: $USDC
  • Supported Investment Coins: $BTC.b, more coming soon!
  • Investment Time: Weekly on Sunday
You can find the smart contract addresses here: