Technical docs

This section has more detailed descriptions of all the moving parts that are needed for correct technical execution of Brotocol.
This section goes beyond typical high level slogans of marketing tools and podcasts. Here, the interested community member can deeply assess the setup and environment of Brotocol's smart contracts.
The term "DYOR - Do your own research" is prevalent in the web3 space, and the "technical docs" aim to help our community with doing their own research.
Nevertheless, Brotocol is also safe to use for the average user who would never even visit a "docs" web page. Brokkr's vision is "DeFi for the millions", thus all our products work out of the box without the need for any special knowledge or skills.
To check out the actual code of the contracts, visit our github repository for the DAO, and our github repository for the portfolios / strategies.