Smart contracts deployed to the Avalanche C-Chain are immutable. That means that a contract can't be changed once it is deployed.
In order to allow code improvements and security updates, Brotocol makes use of battle-tested upgradeability patterns. Multiple contracts work together as a whole unit to allow making changes to the business logic.

Who can upgrade?

The owner of any contract that is upgradeable can upgrade the contract. Initially this will be a multisig wallet.
This poses a potential security risk to all users, because a contract could be upgraded in way so that the funds of the users could be stolen.
Rest assured that this will never happen. The team behind brokkr lives by the vision "DeFi for the millions", has publicly KYCd representatives, and will do everything to guarantee the safety of your assets.

What is upgradeable?

Regarding the DAO contracts:
  • Staking
  • Bonding
  • bBRO token
Regarding the Strategy / Portfolio contracts:
  • Any implementation of the abstract class PortfolioOwnableBaseUpgradeable and StrategyOwnablePausableBaseUpgradeable - i.e. all our live strategies and portfolios.