Brokkr Investment App

Supported Wallets: Metamask, Ledger via Metamask, Brave Wallet
So, now you have set up your wallet of choice, you equipped it with some AVAX for transaction fees and some USDC which you want to invest in our automated and fully diversified investment portfolios. The good news: You already did most of the work!
You can log in with your wallet to and check out our first portfolio, the Calm Portfolio.
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The Calm Portfolio Page


Make sure, you are on the "Buy" tab on the right side of the app. In order to invest in the Calm Portfolio you then need to put in an USDC amount in the input field.
After you click the "Confirm" Button in the UI, your wallet extension should be triggered and there are two transactions which need your subsequent approval:
  • Approval for spending the specified amount of USDC
  • Approval of the transaction itself
Note, that the first approval needs to be confirmed on the blockchain for the second approval to be triggered. Depending on the current usage of the blockchain this can take some time, there is no need to worry.
That's it! After the transaction got confirmed on the blockchain you have already invested for the first time into the Calm Portfolio 🎉

Monitor your investment

After you have invested some USDC into the Calm Portfolio you might notice a new element on the screen. This is showing you personalised information about your investment:
  • How much CALM portfolio tokens you own
  • How much USDC those are currently worth


In order to withdraw from a portfolio make sure that you are on the "Sell" tab on the right side of the App. In the input field you can put in the number of CALM tokens that you want to sell.
By clicking the "Confirm" Button, two subsequent transactions in your Metamask wallet should be triggered:
  • Approval for spending the specified amount of CALM tokens
  • Approval of the transaction itself
If you want, you can give us feedback about your experience on Brokkr. This enables us to always improve our app to delight our users even more 💚
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