Brokkr is going to be a simple-to-use DeFi investment platform.
The main goal is to make DeFi investing accessible to everyone. The ecosystem is fragmented into a lot of complicated protocols that offer all kinds of financial instruments.
Brokkr will enable optimized and automated investing in DeFi instruments according to the user's risk acceptance. Brokkr will be controlled through Brokkr DAO with a $BRO token that will enable all token holders to participate in governing Brokkr and benefiting out of its activities.
Brokkr will integrate two of the most powerful DeFi ecosystems:
  • THORChain THORChain is the building block of Brokkr. Starting with THORChain Synthetics and the whole THORFi (DeFi built on THORChain), to bridging other networks and managing L1 swaps
    We start with THORChain Synthetics, which allow skipping slow and expensive layer 1 transactions, and also act as the foundation for THORfi. Synthetics are the building blocks for these instruments:
  • Fixed-interest on blockchain assets like BTC or ETH (locked synthetics)
  • Lending & Borrowing is making existing blockchain assets more capital efficient by locking them up as collateral
  • Crypto ETFs via Composites
  • Terra By integrating Terra's Mirror and Anchor protocols, Brokkr can provide further useful financial instruments:
    • Stablecoins
    • Popular stocks
    • Stable 20% savings rate on the UST stablecoin
    • Borrowing stablecoins against cross-chain collateral
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