Migration Registration now also open for StarTerra people!

If you have participated in the StarTerra $BRO IDO and haven't claimed the tokens from their vesting contract until our snapshot date (13.05.2022, 17:59, GMT+2), you can now claim your tokens. How to:

  1. Sign in with the Terra wallet, with which you participated in the StarTerra IDO

  2. Enter an AVAX address on which you want to receive the BRO Tokens (prefferably Metamask, XDEFI or Brave Wallet)

  3. Wait for the next Migration Airdrop (you can see the date on the lower left corner in the App)

  4. Done! You will receive the tokens in staked state with minimum unstaking period and you can now prolong the unstaking period or unstake your tokens :)

Main Information

  • Airdrop date: ETA Mid-September

  • $BRO airdrop ratio: 1:1

  • $bBRO airdrop ratio: We’re not transferring the locked status so the ratio is not 1:1. bBRO migration formula AVAX $bBRO = bro_in_wallet-premium_earned+premium_earned/sqrt(unstaking_period)

  • Brokkr Whitelist NFTs: They will be migrated later this year in a separate airdrop (October/November)

  • Timeframe: There is no end date for linking the wallets yet. After the initial airdrop, we will have regular drops for “late address linkers”

  • $BRO Snapshot date: 13.05.2022, 17:59, GMT+2

How to link Terra Station with Avalanche wallet

If you prefer watching a video over following a guide, you can watch this great tutorial by one of our community members:

If you were using Terra Station on Mobile you unfortunately have to migrate your Seed Phrase to the Terra Station Extension. Terra Mobile does not support Transaction signing.

0. Select the “Classic” Terra network in the wallet

If you did a transaction on the new Terra, you might need to switch the networks from “Mainnet” to “Classic”. In some cases, it might causes errors.

2. Connect with the Terra Station wallet that held $BRO assets

If you have $BRO assets on multiple Terra wallets you need to link each wallet separately, but you can link all of them to the same AVAX address.

3. Input your AVAX address

If you held $BRO assets at the time of the snapshot (13.05.2022, 17:59, GMT+2) you will be able to input the address.

Please make sure the Avalanche address is either from Metamask or XDEFI wallet. Only these wallets will be supported by Brokkr DAO at launch.

4. Click on “Link Wallet

5. Confirm that you are using Metamask or XDEFI

Other wallets won’t be supported for Brokkr staking. And only Metamask will be supported upon Brokkr Investment App launch.

6. Sign the transaction with your Terra wallet

You don’t need any funds in the wallet to sign the transaction

7. Successful wallet linking!

After successful linking, you will see this dashboard with all your BRO holdings from the date of the snapshot. Everything will be automatically airdropped to the AVAX address you specified. Only NFTs will be airdropped later.

If you got to this point, the linking was successful and you will get the airdrop automatically.

You can check details about the migration itself and the formulas how $BRO and $bBRO are migrated here.

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