The Brokkr App operates on Avalanche C-Chain and Arbitrum One networks. Avalanche is considered the main chain as that's where the DAO and the token are hosted.

All deployed contracts sorted by chain here:

How to integrate the contracts into your dApp

As explained in the architecture section, strategies are nested inside portfolios. With the CALM portfolio, we nest:

  • Each "actual" strategy together with a "Cash" strategy in a wrapper portfolio

    • This allows the contract owner to emergency exit a strategy in case the underlying protocols of one strategy become malicious.

    • Normally, the "actual" strategy holds 100$ of the funds of the wrapper portfolio, and the Cash strategy is 0%. Upon emergency exit, the allocation of the wrapper portfolio changes to 0% "real" strategy and $100 cash strategy

  • Each wrapper portfolio is put inside the CALM portfolio

This means that by using the CALM portfolio, users don't have to monitor whether a strategy is still viable from an economic or a risk perspective -> by changing the allocation of the portfolios Multisig ensures desirable investments.

If you, dear reader, don't want to rely on any kind of emergency feature, you can invest directly into one of the above strategies without using a wrapper portfolio.

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