Arbitrum Top Market Cap Index

In one click deposit in the biggest projects by Market Cap on Arbitrum.

Arbitrum Market Cap Top5 Index

Offers an easy avenue for investors to gain exposure to the largest tokens on Avalanche, reflecting the overall market sentiment and key trends.

Tokens Included (and their target ratio):

  • BTC: 30%

  • ETH: 30%

  • MAGIC: 23%

  • ARB: 15%

  • RDNT: 2%

Target Ratio:

The target ratio is dependent on 2 factors: Liquidity and Market Cap

  • Market Cap

    • Used to determine the weights in the token index

    • An additional factor to judge the volatility of the underlying tokens. The higher the market cap, the more stability is expected

  • Liquidity

    • Liquidity is needed to mint, withdraw, and rebalance the index itself

Rebalancing V1:

  • It is done manually on a monthly basis

  • In emergency cases, we will rebalance the index based on the needs

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