Why Crypto Indexes?

Investing in crypto isn't always simple and straightforward. In fact, it's a quite complex and challenging task.

  • Time-consuming due diligence and research

  • Maximizing capital efficiency

  • Volatility of assets

  • 24/7 markets without breaks

At Brokkr, we are developing decentralized token indexes that can overcome these obstacles.

How decentralized Indexes can help

  • We do the research and coin selection. But we do it objectively based on Liquidity and Market cap

  • Brokkr's decentralized token indexes offer comprehensive exposure to various sectors.

  • All entries, exits, and rebalancing events are powered by top-tier trade execution, ensuring maximum value from user funds.

  • Indexes are on-chain and we have no access to the funds. Users can withdraw their funds at any time, regardless of market conditions.

  • Brokkr takes care of index fund rebalancing and operates tenors, eliminating the need for extra costs or further actions. Set the index and forget.

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