Staking $BRO tokens is the easiest way to invest into DeFi.

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Summary of the most important facts regarding Staking:

  • Staking $BRO tokens earns the user rewards paid out in $BRO and $bBRO.

  • The rewards are dependent on the unstaking period that a user chooses.

  • During the unstaking period, the user still receives $BRO and $bBRO rewards, but they are reduced.

  • Currently, a user can only have a maximum of 5 ongoing unstakings from one specific unstaking period.

  • You will always need AVAX to interact with the staking page. (eg for staking, claiming rewards)

How to Stake:

Prerequisites: You need to own a little amount of AVAX for transaction fees and $BRO that you have available in your wallet to stake. Otherwise you can also buy $BRO directly with your wallet on TraderJoe.

  1. Login with a supported wallet on

  2. Enter any amount that you want to stake in the "Enter Amount" field.

  3. Choose an unstaking period of your liking. You can check out and compare the different estimated returns, based on current numbers for 1 year.

  4. With the "Auto-Unstake" checkbox, you can choose if your BRO Tokens should be unstaked immediately. In the case this is checked, the Tokens will be ready to claim after the specified unstaking period.

  5. Click "Stake BRO" and confirm the transactions in your wallet. You have 2 transactions to confirm:

    1. Increase Allowance - You have to permit the spending amount of the specified BRO amount. After this one is confirmed on the Blockchain another transaction should pop-up in Brokkr.

    2. Stake - This one is the "real" Staking transaction. Once this is successfully confirmed on the Blockchain, your Tokens are staked.

  6. You should now see a position added to the Stake Overview at the bottom with the option to "Prolong" or "Unstake BRO"


By clicking this button you can prolong the unstaking period for this amount of BRO.

For example if you staked 42 $BRO with an unstaking period of 1 month, you have the possibility to prolong the unstaking period up to 1 year for these 42 $BRO.

How to Unstake:

If you wish to unstake $BRO tokens from a certain unstaking period, you can do so by just clicking the "Unstake BRO" Button in your Stake Overview. This will change the main window to the unstaking view, where you can put in the amount of $BRO that you want to unstake.

Keep in mind: When you select an unstaking period of 1 year, while staking you will need to actively start the unstaking and only then the 1 year unstaking period is going to start.

Once the unstaking has been started you are also able to cancel the unstaking at any point of time. Just click the "Restake" Button in the Stake Overview. The tokens will then move back to fully staked state with the unstaking period they were staked with initially.

Once the unstaking period has passed the "Claim" Button will be activated and you will be able to claim your $BRO tokens from the contract.


On the Staking Page you will always see your current $BRO and $bBRO rewards, which you can claim or restake at any time. If you restake the rewards you will need to select an unstaking period again for these $BRO tokens.

We are always happy for feedback and improvement suggestions!

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