Seed Phrase Migration for Terra Station Mobile Users

Unfortunately, Terra Station on Mobile doesn’t support only signing transactions, therefore you need to migrate your seed phrase to either the Terra Station Extension or XDEFI wallet in Chrome Browser. Terra Station is the option which is a little bit simpler, while XDEFI wallet has the advantage that you can also use it as an Avalanche Wallet for the Migration and for using Brokkr later on.

Be aware that during this procedure you’ll not have to put in your Seed Phrase in any service that is provided by Brokkr. Both, Terra Station Extension and Terra Station Mobile are the official wallets for interacting with the Terra Blockchain. Also XDEFI wallet is a very acknowledged and trusted wallet for different Blockchains.

Get your Seed Phrase or Private Key

First of all you need to get the Seed Phrase or the private key from your Terra Mobile wallet. If you have written down the Seed Phrase when you created the wallet: Congratulations, you follow best practices and you can proceed to the next part already. Migrate to Terra Station Extension Migrate to XDEFI wallet

If you have not written down your Seed Phrase you can export your private key directly form the Terra Station Mobile wallet. For this you have to follow several steps:

  1. Open the Terra Station Mobile App

Import your Seed Phrase or Private Key to Terra Station Extension

  1. If you haven’t already, install the Chrome Browser here:

  2. Open the Terra Station Extension in your browser

  3. If you have the Seed Phrase:

    1. You can set a name and a password

    2. Leave the index at “0”

    3. Done!

  4. If you have the private key:

    1. Done!

  5. Now you can log in with Terra Station extension and you will be able to proceed with the migration. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Import your Seed Phrase or Private Key to XDEFI Wallet

Note: In this case you would not need to set up a new wallet for Avalanche, as XDEFI is a multi-chain wallet at it’s core and already provides you an Avalanche wallet.

  1. If you haven’t already, install the Chrome Browser here:

  2. If you have the Seed Phrase:

    1. Open the XDEFI Extension in your browser

    2. Next you can choose to make XDEFI your default browser wallet and when you click “Next” you have successfully migrated your Terra Mobile wallet to XDEFI!

  3. If you already have XDEFI wallet installed or if you need to import your private key from Terra Station Mobile:

    1. Open XDEFI wallet browser extension (If you have not yet set up XDEFI wallet, set it up as a new wallet, otherwise the private key import option won't be available)

    2. As a last step you need to give the wallet a name of your choice. Done!

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