The Brokkr protocol (or Brotocol) forms the backbone of Brokkr & follows the same mission as Brokkr: to grant access to DeFi to hundreds of millions of people.
Brotocol consists of two parts:
  • the DAO - it's the headquarters of the product, with:
    • $BRO and $bBRO token
    • Staking
    • Bonding
    • Floor price
    • Airdrop
    • Etc.
  • the portfolios and strategies - are the main product, with:
    • Strategies that automate DeFi investments in other protocols
    • Portfolios that aggregate multiple strategies into one diversified experience
The main part of Brotocol are the strategies through which users and protocols can invest. By leveraging blockchain enthusiasts and making use of the open nature of blockchain protocols, Brotocol:
  • Offers investment strategies and integrations for these strategies to 3rd parties, like DeFi treasuries, central exchanges or banks. This will ultimately lead to more people using Brokkr & DeFi.
  • Involves blockchain enthusiasts into the design of the strategies to leverage the "wisdom of the crowds". This ensures that Brokkr always offers the best strategies.
Brotocol itself is also a user of the strategies to increase the amount of funds that are held by the Treasury over time. These funds are used to bring value to Brotocol's token $BRO.
Brotocol operates on basis of epochs. Most functions (staking, bonding assets, locking period, unstaking period, etc.) are going to be triggered at the beginning of the epoch. Initially one Epoch is set to 1 day but this value can be changed through governance.